What’s your “WHY”?

Back in March I read a great blog post (http://bit.ly/jocQzI) from Realtor Chris Nichols in Utah ( @utahrepro ) who was at an event where the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was speaking. There is one statement that Mark said in response to being asked what advice and/or character traits a budding entrepreneur needs to possess. I think we all can benefit from his response as it applies to anything we chose to do:“You have to have passion for what you are doing. If you don’t completely love or believe in what you are doing, the natural thing will be to give up when you face the challenges that will inevitably come. More than anything, you have to really have faith in what you are doing.”

In a time when we are seeing many of our fellow Realtors fall by the wayside and leave the industry, it really all comes down to knowing your “WHY”. Passion is fueled by your “why”. You must know “why” you are doing what it is you are doing, as that’s what will help guide you through any challenge that comes along.

What motivates you to do real estate? Is it your love of the negotiation? Enjoy helping first-time home buyers through the maze of purchasing a house? Love the fast-paced, ever-changing REO world ? The independence of working your own hours? Is it your family? … What is your “why”? Money is not a strong enough “why”. The money will come along as a by-product of focusing on whatever it is you are truly passionate about. If you focus on the money, what happens once you achieve it? There is no more why…

Uncovering your big “WHY” is easier said than done, but once you know it, believe it, and follow it…all other obstacles and challenges become mere bumps in the road. Today’s real estate market can be a challenge, but don’t just give up until you seriously think about your “why”… it just may fuel your passion to keep on going.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What is your WHY?

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